About CHPQ

Our Purpose and Our Values

‘Creating New and Innovative Solutions to Respond to and End Homelessness’

The Council to Homeless Persons Queensland is a collaboration of homelessness services operating in Queensland. We are an unfunded Incorporated Association with a broad membership base and an active and committed Board of Management. We aim to represent the diversity of service providers in the homelessness sector and to use our combined voice to advocate for service users and their rights.


Our values are embedded in a culture of creativity and innovation, support and teamwork, generosity of spirit to each other and our service users, and a focus on quality service delivery that recognises the complexity of need as well as the imperative for change.


We believe that responses to homelessness must respect the dignity of the person and that embrace the diversity of service user’s experiences. This includes an empowering approach where people feel able to make their own choices with dignity and support and with an emphasis on achieving positive outcomes.


Our relationships with each other and with other service providers in the sector are important to us and we aim to approach all our professional relationships with a commitment to transparency, collaboration and inclusivity. We value the opportunity to share our practice wisdom with each other and to provide much needed support to all workers in the sector.


We believe that homelessness is a social justice issue that is largely hidden in our society. We believe that change is possible and that current responses to homelessness are inadequate and unacceptable for a progressive society such as ours. While the causes of homelessness are diverse, we believe that homelessness is essentially a social issue with huge personal impacts on those affected. We aim to promote a view of homelessness that reflects the differences between homelessness and housing and that therefore recognises the provision of support as a necessary component of any response to homelessness.


It is important to us that our combined voice is utilised to advocate for a common goal – creating new and innovative solutions to respond to and end homelessness. We aim to inspire our sector and our community as we build our collective capacity to respond to these social issues in a positive and future focused manner.