About the Council

‘Creating New and Innovative Solutions to Respond to and End Homelessness’

The Council to Homeless Persons Queensland is a collaboration of specialist homelessness services operating in Queensland. We are an incorporated association with a broad membership base and an active and committed Management Committee. Our newly funded Executive Officer position is filled by Stephen Simpson who reports to the Council’s Management Committee. We aim to represent the diversity of service providers in the specialist homelessness sector and to use our combined voice to promote the rights of service users and work in collaboration with partners to enhance the response to homelessness and housing concerns in Queensland.


The Council was established originally as “South Queensland Council to Homeless Persons” in 1996 and become an incorporated association in 1997. In December of 2017, SQCHP changed it’s name to the Council to Homeless Persons Queensland.

Until recent times, the Council has been operating solely through a volunteer Management Committee. In early 2019, the Council were able to accept volunteer secretariat positions to assist with the day to day operations and in mid-2020 the Council received funding for an Executive Officer to further grow the reach and influence of CHPQ. The Council’s membership base is becoming increasingly diversified and geographically spread across the state.

What we do

The Council engages with the housing and specialist homelessness sectors across Queensland and represents the SHS sector as a peak body. The Council works in collaboration with the Department of Housing and Public Works, Q Shelter, Queensland Youth Housing Coalition, Community Services Industry Alliance, Queenslanders with Disability Network, Queensland Council of Social Service and other key stakeholders to ensure all organisations in the housing and homelessness sector and the clients they service are included and represented in sector planning and sector development activities. The Council consults with services across the state to encourage engagement and participation of the diversity of the specialist homelessness sector and encourage and promote integration and collaboration. The Council assists the specialist homelessness sector to collaboratively respond to key issues that impact their services and clients in relation to homelessness, housing and support.

More broadly, the Council is increasingly engaging with organisations, institutions and stakeholders that sit outside the housing and specialist homelessness sector to enhance cross-system partnerships that will support a cohesive and unified approach to address a range of complex needs.

Our work as a Council aims to contribute to our purpose – to create new and innovative solutions to respond to and end homelessness. CHPQ’s collaborative work aims to inform funding, policy and service design and delivery within the specialist homelessness and housing sector. Through this work, we can enhance our collective capacity to better address prevalent homelessness and housing issues in Queensland.